GF - Gluten Free VEGT - Vegetarian VEGN - Vegan

handcrafted soups are served with gluten-free multi-grain crackers or appropriate chips
*** to make soup a complete meal, add fresh fruit, side of the day, or a side salad for an additional $2.49
*** to substitute a cup of soup for the side with a sandwich, add an additional $2.49 or $3.79 (farm soup)
Funky Beginnings

all salads are served with appropriate crackers or chips & a mini cookie
Dressing Choices: House Pesto, FAC Maple Balsamic, Bleu Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Country Fresh Buttermilk, Fat-Free Herb, Creamy Garlic Caesar & Sriracha Ranch: NEW: Honey Mustard
Extra dressing charge: 50 cents
Sandwiches & Wraps

all sandwiches are served with side of the day, fresh fruit or kettle-style potato chips... choice of sandwich bread: wheatberry or white, unless otherwise specified; a honey whole wheat tortilla is used for wraps
Halfsies & Wholesies
Warm & Wonderful Things
Going Local & Organic
Specialty Italian Sodas

Italian Sodas can be made using a single flavor also (strawberry, cherry, lemon, etc.)
Create an Italian Cream Soda by requesting cream to be added to an Italian Soda.
Italian Soda $3.25 - Italian Cream Soda $3.50
Other Beverages
From the Coffee Bar

drinks can be made with half n’ half, skim, soy, or almond milk. All hot drinks can also be iced.
There is an additional $ .75 charge for soy & almond milk
Beer Offerings

$3.50 per bottle
Wine Offerings
Texas Wines
Other Adult Beverages
Reservations for lunch can be made for parties of 8 or less. Due to the limited searing capacity of the Cafe, reservations cannot be take for larger parties. Reservations can only be held for 15 minutes past the requested time. After that time, the reservations will be released. NO EXCEPTIONS. Therefore, we ask those make reservations to plan their day accordingly to allow for prompt arrival at the Cafe. Reservation time can be changed up until the Cafe opening for business the day of the reservation, but not after the Cafe has opened. To better serve you & other guests, no separate checks for parties of 6 ore more. An 18% gratuity will automatically be added to these checks. **Extra plate charge: 75 cents**