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Tapas & Tequila Party

Tapas & Tequila Party

Spanish Champinones
Fresh button mushrooms marinated in white wine, white wine vinegar, garlic & saffron

Spanish Cheese Board
Includes Manchego (Spanish sheep milk cheese); other domestic cheeses also;
displayed with red table grapes

Tortilla de cebolla
A caramelized onion tart, served in mini rounds

Meatballs served in a fresh tomato & wine sauce

Grilled mixed summer veggies drizzled with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt & chopped fresh garlic; assorted Spanish olives scattered over final platter

Andalusian pancakes
Mini shrimp pancakes seasoned with onion & spices; served with pistachio garlic sauce

Garlic-marinated Black olives
Assorted olives marinated in olive oil with onion, garlic & a dash of red pepper flakes

Pinchitos Morunos
Pork tenderloin cubes seasoned with thyme, coriander, cumin & Spanish paprika

Asparagus in Orange & Lemon Sauce
Cool al dente asparagus served with an orange lemon sauce

Almonds Roasted with Salt & Cumin

Fresh Baked Crusty Peasant Bread
Large pieces of peasant bread instead of crackers or chips



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