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Graduation Party
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Anniversary Garden Party

Alumni Dinner & Social Hour  Charity Wine Pairing
Tapas & Tequila Party

Anniversary Garden Party

Mint Pesto’d Shrimp Skewers
2 & 3 shrimp on fancy bamboo skewer & rosemary stems; can make rosemary ones to intersperse


Roasted Pork Tenderloin served on buttered baguette slice topped with jezebel sauce

Buttered & salted pecan halves

Stamped shortbreads
Traditional shortbead stamped with a heart design; some heart shaped with some on the hearts dipped half in chocolate

Chocolate Spritz Hearts
A “3-D” chocolate cookie; raised in the center with a patter


Panko crusted marinated chicken tenders with 2 dipping sauces:
garlic soy & hoisin wine
Dried apricot stuffed with pecan halves & cream cheese & goat cheese also; some also done without pecan Parmesan crisps

thought: serve this in addition to the lavender champagne instead of by itself Sipping Melon Soup with Champagne, served ice cold


Decorated Cupcakes
Vanilla & chocolate cupcakes glazed with appropriate flavor; assorted edible flowers on some.  Could be separated by flavor; displayed with ivy intertwined on stand

Fresh Brewed Teas      
Lavender champagne
Red & white wine

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