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Fall Wedding for 250 with Stations
Asian / Seafood Station

Pork Pot Stickers
Lean ground pork seasoned with scallions, roasted garlic & fresh ginger, wrapped in a thin, crisp wonton wrapper; served warm with a hoisin wine dipping sauce

Udon Noodle Salad
Sliced green onions & shredded carrots are tossed with udon noodles (Japanese whole wheat noodles); lightly dressed with seasoned sesame oil & punctuated with red pepper flakes

Vegetable Pot Stickers
A crisp mixture of shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, green onion & minced celery bundled in a crackle-crisp wonton wrapper; served warm with a hoisin wine dipping sauce

An assortment of traditionally prepared sushi will be especially prepared the day of the reception.
Nama Sake (salmon), Saba (mackerel), Maki Rolls
(wakame seaweed sheets surrounding vinegared white rice & other ingredients of choice)

*A beautiful variety of maki rolls will also beprepared fresh the day of the reception*
The assortment will include:
California Rolls (crab, cucumber & avocado)
Tekka Rolls (spicy tuna)
Philadelphia Rolls (smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado)
Hamachi (yellow tail tuna)


Pasta Station

Artichoke Alfredo Tortellini
Smooth alfredo sauce made with plenty of parmesan & cream is combined with chunks of artichoke heart & served over tri-color cheese tortellini

*Fresh grated parmesan will be at the station for guests to add according to their taste*

Warm Garlic Bread
Our garlic bread is spread with garlic butter topped with a dash of Italian herbs

Bruschetta with Crostini
Diced fresh tomatoes with onion, garlic & fresh basil marinated in a balsamic olive oil vinaigrette. Guests will spoon bruschetta onto slices of lightly toasted baquette (crostini)

Fresh Mozzarella Stacks
A slice of fresh mozzarella cheese stacked with a slice of tomato & topped with basil chiffonade. Stacks will be drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & a touch of balsamic vinegar


Hors d’oeuvres
Our courteous waitstaff will pass hors d’oeuvres on silver trays to guests prior to the dinner hour.

Petite New Orleans Crab Cakes
Bite-sized lump crab cakes topped with a dab of a deliciously different  country dijon mustard remoulade.

Roasted Corn & Sweet Red Pepper Compote
A melange of roasted golden corn & sweet red peppers, minced red onion & garlic marinated in red wine vinegar with a touch of olive oil. A hint of cumin & fresh cracked black pepper are added for a Southwest flair. A deliciously interesting taste of Fall, each bite is served on individual silver spoon, topped with horseradish foam

Potato Crisps with Caviar
Thinly sliced Yukon Gold Potatoes flash fried into golden chips & topped with crème fraiche & Iranian Osetra caviar

Funky Art Café Boursin-style Goat Cheese Spread on Crostini
A goat cheese blend made with fresh herbs, garlic & a dash of fresh cracked black pepper is spread on a fresh baked baguette slice (crostini) & topped with a slice of sun-ripened strawberry

Dinner Station

Beef Tenderloin with a Truffle Cabernet Portabello Mushroom Reduction
Sliced dry-aged choice beef tenderloin served at room temperature; topped with a warm truffle cabernet portabello mushroom reduction

Gratin Dauphinoise

A traditional, deliciously rich potato dish. Thinly  sliced Yukon Gold potatoes are layered with heavy cream & gruyere cheese & baked until golden brown.

Grilled Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
Zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, red & yellow bell peppers & asparagus will be grilled until just tender & finished with a balsamic vinaigrette

*a basket of assorted fresh tender-baked wheat & white rolls & butter will be served at each dinner table*

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